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  • HIGH PRODUCTIVITY with single pass printing
  • DIGITAL high-end embellishment device with a speed up to 2.077 A3 sheets per hour
  • UV INKJET TECHNOLOGY combined with Konica Minolta’s drop-on-demand piezoelectric print heads for high quality
  • AIS SmartScanner for the automated sheet to sheet registration
  • SOFTWARE SUITE INCLUDED, which allows you to follow your jobs, manage your job queue, create job tickets, recall reprints and adjust your AIS Scanner in one simple and self-explaining tool.
  • VARNISH ON OFFSET AND DIGITAL PRINTS with and without lamination makes your workflows very flexible
  • VARIABLE VARNISH THICKNESS between 21 and 116 micron for 2D and 3D-tactile effects in one single pass
  • ECO-FRIENDLY IN-LINE LED DRYER for an ozone-free environment                                                                                 



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